Pet Industry Current Trends

April 18, 2024 by Gywfl
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The Nigerian pet care space had been a small one which started seeing fast paced growth due to the dynamic changes that influenced the previous demographic scope of pet care and ownership in Nigeria (Improved Living Conditions, Social Media and Western Culture etc.)

There is now a vibrant positive inclination to keep and care for pets as companion animals and worthy members of the family and immediate society where they are found.

These factors created different forms of opportunities which attracted many players into the many levels of services now seen in the industry (Breeders, Physicians and Specialist opportunities, Feeds, Groomers, etc.)

There is heightened increase in inputs in the pet care “resources”.

More imports of exotic resources like toys, beddings, cages/kennels, leashes and all manner of special tools like treated collars and gadgets, etc. for pet animal comfort and recreation.

Heightened importation of exotic grooming aids like shampoo, combs etc perceived to offer better health benefits to pets.

Increasing use and demand for pro-health products like multivitamins, toothpaste, sprays, colognes, exotic/special feeding plates etc. has further driven up importation and involvement of many new players in the industry.

The same factors also similarly propelled increase in local manufacturers of some of these pet drug and accessories.

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